Dear Soup Dragon

Welcome to Alan & Jackie’s motorhome blog. We’ll come on to the ‘Soup Dragon’ bit in a moment, but first a bit about us and why we are now the proud owners of GerTee our Burstner motorhome.

A few years ago, we decided that life was all getting a bit humdrum and approaching a relatively early retirement as we were, we should find something to keep us occupied (and hopefully stop us killing each other). We both enjoy travelling and experiencing new places – not that this automatically points towards motorhome adventures, no that particular nugget of a thought was planted when Jackie found Jason and Julie Buckley’s blog at Our Tour.

Over a few months the idea of having long trips in a van perculated through our brains and eventually we decided to ‘splash the cash’ and aquire a motorhome. After much tyre kicking and agonising over the internal layout, we decided on ‘GerTee’ – a Burstner iXeo Time 585.

The major points for us were that there is good internal accomodation where we can both stretch out, a good sized kitchen area where himself can prepare sumptious dinners and a drop down bed that doesn’t need to be made every time you want to catch some Zzzz’s.

Why ‘Dear Soup Dragon’?

We were rummaging around (as you do) at home, trying to de-clutter when we found one of our sons old soft toys (he’s 32 now – so doesn’t need them any more). The toy in question was a Clanger. Interesting we thought, as we’d been looking for a mascot for GerTee.

We had seen various other blogs and stories where mascots travel around with their ‘hosts’ and have pictures taken in various scenic destinations. Why not a Clanger we thought? And then the moment of ?inspiration… why not take Mr Clang (as he’s now known) and take his picture in places we visit? He can then occasionally write home says I, about his experiences to his old friend ‘The Soup Dragon’.

Hence, Dear Soup Dragon was born…

Meanwhile, Jackie has crocheted Mr Clang a very fetching back-pack for his travels.

To any and all copyright holders for The Clangers and all associated characters. This blog is a light hearted homage to a TV series that both of us loved from the 70’s. No offence or infringement is intended. If anything on this blog gives cause for concern, please get in touch via the contacts page.

For those of you who may be interested.

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