September 12th: Fougères – Erquy

Himself took the 2 hour mostly non toll motorway to the beachside town of Erquy but before we departed we did the quick supply stop at E-Lerclerc outside Fougères. Heaven forbid we should run out of vin blanc!! Himself also needed to purchase a magnifying glass to read the map, you’re showing your age mate! (just awaiting me slap)

The municipal aire at Erquy is basically a small carpark with 41 spaces and costs 6 Euros, but some lucky campers get the seafront views which appear to be much coveted! There is no EHU and black and grey disposal is payable. Today the aire was rammed to capacity with folk enjoying 30oc heat (that’s what we measured in GT at 4pm!)

Anyhoo we braved the heat and walked along the stunning wide sandy beach and up along the cliff path into town. We spotted lots of lizards scuttling about and we nicknamed the path ‘Lizard Lane’. At the top you get some smashing views out to the sea and I suspect that the sunsets would be breath taking.

Many homes here seem to be holiday homes and a lot were already shuttered up for the end of season, probably like a ghost town in the winter months. Back at camp we joined the rest of the Frenchie’s and sat outside to cool down with refreshments!

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