September 15th: Paimpol – Malestroit

Another 2 hour bimble to the free aire at Malestroit which sits beside the Brest-Nantes canal. Now for the nerdy bit… the canal runs for an incredible 380kms, has 236 lock gates and we are at lock gate number 25! We think you would have to be mega fit to manage the remaining 211 gates to the finish, think we’ll stick with the van thanks.

The aire is a mix of hard and grass pitches but with no facilities and you can stay for 48 hours only. There is a flat towpath by the side so good for both cycling and walking. It’s a 2 minute stroll to the town which was picturesque but sadly we had just missed the Thursday market which was just packing up at lunchtime. There are a few bars and restaurants centred on the main church square and there is a small Carrefour for essentials. We popped into the tourist office to get some history on the area but our French was about as good as Mademoiselles English so we abandoned that idea.

Malestroit 2 15-09-2018

What we later gleaned from a good old google search is that the town was heavily involved with the French resistance. We would love to have stayed another night and cycled the towpath, but sadly our tight itinerary has us shackled, and we have to move on again. This has taught us the valuable lesson of NOT OVER PLANNING!!

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