Day 7: Péruwelz (Belgium) to Purnode (Belgium)

Happy Bastille Day! Yup, we are no where near France, on purpose as we’ve been in Lille on a previous July the 14th and most things are shut. So GerTee’s bunting will just have to stay in the dressing up box for now.

We drove to Purnode via Dinant to do a bit of food shopping. We managed 34mpg on this run despite some very steep ascents and descents that made Mr. Clangs’ ears bleed!

We are staying at Camping du Bocq (50°19’11.18″N 4°56’41.20″E) which is at the base of a deep valley. On arrival herself decided that it was her turn to make a fool of herself and promptly attacked Monsieur in reception with her best schoolgirl French (CSE Grade 1) only to be accused of being German! Anyway it turned out that Monsieur was Dutch so we completed the transaction in English, only confusing him slightly more with our surname – which is of course German in origin!

We have a very pretty pitch right next to the river Bocq. It’s very peaceful with just the babbling flow of the water for company. Chilling afternoon with a bit of exploration planned for tomorrow as we are here for 2 nights.

Purnode 1 14-07-2017
Chillin’ by the river Bocq.

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