Day 19: Pont-a-Mousson (France) to Loonyville (only kidding) – Lunéville (France)

Today we thought we would bimble down to a recently opened aire in Tonnoy. The description on CamperContact had piqued our interest – fully serviced with a good cycle path along a canal. We fancied a good blat on the bikes after all the recent rain, so that’s where we went.

We blythly coughed up the €8 to get access to the aire and headed through the barrier. Hang on a mo! Where is everyone? We were the only MoHo there. We spied 2 caravans with no cars and some unruly kids screaming at each other. Did a quick security wander. Loos and showers shut, the only loo on site being a chemical port-a-loo of the type seen at festivals and the like – we didn’t dare look inside! Suddenly a car appeared by one of the caravans, as if from nowhere – he certainly didn’t come through the barrier.

Anyway, what do the English do when they need to think… yep, we got a brew on. Deduced that the odds of the caravans belonging to ‘caravan using nomadic travellers’ were quite high. At this point we decided to abandon the site and headed a little further south, settling into an aire at the side of the Château de Lunéville (48°35’47.71″N 6°29’59.20″E). Same €8 fee as before but a world apart from where we had just been. We have defined a new test for anywhere we plan on staying, it consists of… if you wouldn’t be happy to sit outside in the evening with a G&T, then move on!

We spent a lovely afternoon wandering around Lunéville and its Château. The Château was built in the 18th century by Duc Leopold who commissioned the formal gardens in the style of Versailles – very pretty.

Tomorrow we are heading off towards the Alsace region, hopefully it won’t be raining there!


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