Day 24: Colmar (France)

Today we are half way through our 48 day trip – and it’s flown by. We’ve only covered 980 miles so far, but this is probably due to us having no definitive plans and just going where we fancy. Added to that there has been a conscious effort to keep the driving down to around an hour a day, which by and large we have achieved. Yes, we are now probably classed as gypsies, but not making any cash as himself still can’t get a tune out of his ukulele! (yes we did bring one along…)

It’s chuffin’ hot and humid here today and we spent the day sweating the streets of Colmar along with the rest of the tourists heading towards what’s called ‘Petite Venise’. Two days is enough for us here as it’s too busy and very touristy – though not in a tacky way.

Moving on tomorrow. We have altered our plan to go to Freiburg tomorrow as a recent review has stated that there’s a lot of scaffolding covering the sites that we want to see, the reviewer also stated that is his/her opinion, Colmar was a nicer location – and we’ve just been here!

So, map out, dart poised… shoot… we’re off to Belfort and heading in the general direction of Dijon. Ooh! The stress of decision making.

Time for a Kougelhopf! You’ll have to endure the pictures to find out what one of these beauties are!

Toodle pip!

2 thoughts on “Day 24: Colmar (France)

  1. Hi Guys! Can’t believe you’re halfway through already!! I have been reading all your posts and you’re obviously having a great time – it all looks very pictureskew. Not jealous – really. I know you’ve said about the rain but we’ve had TERRIBLE weather since you’ve gone – come back immediately. Today has been THE WORST rain EVER and it’s not that warm. I was considering putting the heating on. Apparently somebody nicked the jet stream and took it to France with them.

    All seems well next door – Ben and Milo seem fine and the house hasn’t fallen down with all the partying.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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