Day 25: Colmar to Belfort

Left Colmar at 10ish and already the temperature is at 28oC. Full aircon on in GerTee and hang the MPG figures! Chilled run down the motorway, with our first section of ‘peage’ (toll road) this trip. We set up Camp Clang at the ‘free’ (yipee) municipal aire at Belfort (47°38’31.05″N 6°51’58.27″E). 8 spaces, all with electric hookup, water in & outs. We were (we thought) lucky to get a space, but on his evening security wander, himself counted 25 moho’s in the car park, so they’re not that strict!

The town of Belfort was part of Vichy France and there were a number of monuments to the fighters of the resistance, one in particular was chilling in that it recorded a number of resistance fighters who were sent to Dachau concentration camp.

Belfort as a town has had its fair share of punch ups including the Franco-Prussion war in the 19th century. The town continued to fight on from the fort after the main French army had surrendered (tough old nuts we think!).

The town has a spectacular old citadel and fort perched high above the old part of the town. At the front of the fort is a sculpture of a huge lion which was created by August Bartholdi in celebration of the victory over the Prussians. August Bartholdi is the man who also designed the Statue of Liberty which was gifted by France to the USA.

We selflessly dragged ourselves to the top for you, dear reader, so that you can see the wonderful views for yourselves. From the top of the fort, you can see the Ballons D’Alsace (big hills).

Off to Besançon tomorrow if we survive the horrendous storm that is currently raining down on us in all its fury. Sheesh, who’d sleep in a metal box in this!

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