Day 28: Dijon

Bit cooler today but still in the mid 20’s which made for a pleasant 20 minute stroll along the river to Centre Ville.

En route, we were treated to a bit of wildlife, that is one red squirrel and 1 heron with his ducky mates.

Grand Dijon (old City) was buzzing and it was market day. We had a jolly time wandering amongst the outside stalls and also the indoor food market. You cannot compare a good old French market to the Monday market in Fareham as they are leagues apart. We could have filled GerTee’s fridge 20 times over with the produce on offer but we had to settle for 2 jars of… yep, you guessed it, Dijon moutarde.

Dijon has a lot of history to tell, it was the seat of the Ducs de Bourgogne and has a rather nice palace in the Place de la Liberation where you can apparently get married. There is also a grand Notre-Dame where himself spotted the ‘knocker of the day’.

We visited the Maille Dijon emporium which had every type of mustard you could think of. The city can easily be visited in a day, but you could take a slower visit… we must learn to slow down a bit ourselves.

Dijon 8 05-08-2017

Back at Camp Clang, herself was tortured by himself’s attempts at playing the Ukelele – made her ears bleed she reckons! She thinks Mr. Clang can teach him a few tunes.

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