Day 29: Dijon to Les Lavaults (near Quarré-Les-Tombes)

Right then, as it is ‘Le Weekend’ we thought we would give the old ‘France Passion’ another go. This time we have decided to stay as guests at L’Auberge de L’Atre. A lot of the France Passion sites seem to be in very rural spots and our destination today, although only a 59km drive, 35kms were on ‘very’ bumpy roads!

We arrived without loosing too many fillings at L’Auberge (47°19’56.09″N 4°1’48.92″E), which has a quaint French farmhouse feel to it.

Popped in to announce our arrival to the very formal waiter who was manning the place for the lunchtime service. Confirmed our reservation for dinner and then parked GerTee in the field behind the restaurant car park. We were all alone in the field apart from some very large mole hills!

Les Lavaults 2 06-08-2017

Herself, heaven knows how, managed to get the straw mat that is currently her hair under control and in the early evening we toddled off for dinner.

Les Lavaults 1 06-08-2017

After an aperitif accompanied by a small plate of nibbles we perused the menu. All in French and the waiter spoke very little English, but we managed to understand the gist of it and made some very good choices. We settled on the 5 course menu – won’t bore you with descriptions or pictures (we’re not Japanese).

Himself perused ‘La Carte du Vins’ which had over 380 bottles to choose from with some of them over €300 per bottle. Needless to say we chose a more modestly priced Bourgogne Vezelay. 3 hours later and stuffed to the gunnel’s we played ‘guess the bill’. Herself was a disappointing €25 out, but himself (drum roll please) was out by 20 cents! Now you know why he does all the financial stuff.

The Chef/Patron, Francis came round to each table and spoke with each guest (even us English). He’s invited us in for coffee tomorrow before we leave, lovely chap. We both agreed that it was one of the best meals we have ever had. Right then, flashlight on and back to our field, Bon Nuit!

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