Day 42: Saint-Pair-sur-Mer to Coutances

We had planned to stick to the coast for the rest of our trip. We were heading to Granville (Arkwright wasn’t available… 🙂 ) which is on a headland with the planned stopover being on the very top near the sea. The weather has turned very windy and we didn’t fancy being shaken around all night so we’ve headed inland a bit to the large town of Coutances, staying at Camping “Les Vignettes” (49°3’5.74″N 1°27’31.74″W) for the next two nights.

Quite a hilly walk into centre ville, but only took 20 minutes. It’s lunchtime and we’re starving.

Coutances 1 19-08-2017
You have to say, the French do a good Town Hall.

Nipped into the bistro opposite the cathedral and had the usual two hour long lunch! Moules for herself and Jambon au Cidre for himself and as it’s Friday, a couple of cheeky glasses of Chardonnay. Can’t believe we never really used to take a proper lunch break when we worked!

Coutances 2 19-08-2017
All gone… mmm…

Cursory look about town and decided to do a more thorough inspection tomorrow as it’s allegedly market day (fingers crossed).

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