Day 45: Arromanches-les-Bains

Camp Clang is 200m from the English Channel but in the centre of town. We’re sandwiched between the Normandy D-Day landing beaches of ‘Gold’ and ‘Juno’ and opposite the relics of ‘Port Wilson’ the Mulberry harbour built to bring in supplies to the liberating forces.

Lots of WWII history here and in the immediate area. We have seen quite a lot of it in the past but it still leaves you feeling cold. 37,000 Allied and 55,000 German troops died during the Normandy invasion and walking around any of the military cemeteries easily brings a tear to your eye.

The little town is rammed today with tourists (us included) enjoying the sunny weather. Our camp site is filled to capacity and we have just spotted the coolest Land Rover moho so far.

Arromanches 6 22-08-2017

Wouldn’t want to get up too many times in the night for a wee from that height!

Note to our reader – we’re fettlin’ GerTee for the trip home and a raid on the local hypermaket for essential supplies to bring home, so we will probably not be blogging now until we get back to dear ol’ Blighty.


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