A week to go!!

So here we are prepping GerTee and ourselves for the Brexit Tour part deux. We’re setting off next weekend with a one way ticket to Caen. Planning…, no that doesn’t really work for us. We’re off to see as much as we can before Europe shoves up the “No Entry” signs for us Brits!

Lists have been made, amended, screwed up and rewritten. We think we’ve nailed it now (yeah right!). Staff for Milo (Ben & Sarah) have been found and arrive on Saturday for their formal cat and house induction.

Mr. Clang has a mate called Chas coming with him, but we are a little worried that he is a bit of a party animal. Not to worry, himself has sent a text to the SoupDragon and unbeknown to Mr. Clang we have arranged a chaperone in the form of Major Clang (aka ‘The Major’) who flies in on Friday.

Chas and Clang 1

We humans are both excited and a little nervous about being away for nearly 4 months, but heyho, life is too short to have regrets.

TTFN Team Clang

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