Saint Nazaire to Pornic (Cote de Jade)

Okey dokey then, dart in hand, map out and apparently we’re off to Pornic. Himself feels we should give the French economy a helping hand so we’re heading for a paid for campsite. We travelled south across a mahoosive bridge (Pont de St. Nazaire), sweaty palms all round and arrived 40 minutes later at Camping Le Patisseau (47°7’8.31″N 2°4’22.37″W).

First use of our ACSI discount card and we have 2 nights with hookup for just shy of €37. It has everything here, indoor and outdoor pools, sports complex, sauna, bar and restaurant. Unfortunately for the camp, herself is only interested in the hook up so she can try and tame the camping hair which is coming on a treat.

24-05-2018 Pornic 5
Camp Clang – Pornic

Hope it’s not too rainy at home ’cause we have another sunny day here. Bikes are off the rack and we cycled downhill all the way into Pornic Centre Ville.

Pornic is a pretty seaside town which is surrounded by lots and lots of holiday homes, usual town population is just 14,000 but we suspect you can add another 0 to that in high season.

We had a meander through the old quarter which had a street market in full swing. Herself made friends with the cutest pygmy goat and if we had of had room in GerTee she would almost certainly have ‘kid’napped it!

Sauntering down to the small harbour, we had some interesting eateries to choose from. We ended up picking Fleur de Sel on the quai and tucked into a very enjoyable lunch of galettes.

24-05-2018 Pornic 4
Restaurants on le quai

Now for the bad bit… full stomachs, hot sun and an uphill cycle back to Camp Clang. We may need a siesta…

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