Notre Dame de Monts to Saint-Germain-de-Marencennes [Black Sunday]

We’ve named this ‘Black Sunday’ as it’s been a bit of a disaster so strap yourselves in and we’ll spill all. To kick off, himself was a bit ‘gung ho’ on exiting our pitch and with a very tight turn and poor positioning managed to rip off a chunk of GerTee’s wheel arch trim and right in front of bloomin’ onlookers! So our poor van is now sporting a gaffer tape plaster holding bits in place!

27-05-2018 Saint-Germain-de-Marencennes 8
There’s nothing you can’t fix with cable ties or gaffer tape (or both)!

Not really speaking to each other we hit the Péage (not literally) but again with himself’s poor road positioning (note the theme here) herself couldn’t quite reach to get the ticket out of the machine and subsequently, the ticket came away incomplete. It’ll be fine… no it won’t as the blasted ticket booth at péage end wouldn’t read it… drat. We were rescued by a kindly Madame who was our go between with the man on the ticket machine intercom.

Onwards to our planned stop, by a lake in a forest, all sounded idyllic. But… as it’s Black Sunday, it ain’t happening. Yup there’s a Brocante and Vide Grenier (antique fair and car boot) in full swing. The place is heaving and after several swoops around there isn’t anywhere for GerTee to park up for the night. But having said that, there were some undesirable looking types who looked like they had been camping there for quite sometime (aka caravan using nomadic travellers).

Tempers are now being tested to the max and we are very hot and tired. Fired up good ole’ Camper Contact and plumped for the next nearest aire. We don’t care what it costs and we’re staying there even if it’s full of cut-throats!

20 minutes later we rolled into Saint-Germain-de-Marencennes and it looks like we have entered the twilight zone! Sheesh, there are mannequins on every street corner, outside the tiny church and even in the little river that runs through the village. Gawd knows what it’s all about but it did put a smile back on our faces.

Parked up in the newly opened aire (46°4’44.59″N 0°47’0.50″W) which has hookup and water facilities.

27-05-2018 Saint-Germain-de-Marencennes 5

Hopped out of the van and had a closer peek at the mannequins.

One looks just like the grim reaper but it is supposed to be a priest – just about sums up our day!

27-05-2018 Saint-Germain-de-Marencennes 1
The Grim Reaper (or priest) – sums up our day!


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