Saint-Germain-de-Marencennes to Rochefort

After a fitful nights kip (the great cosmic jester was throwing tennis ball sized rain drops down on us) we packed up and set off to Rochefort. Yup, we thought it was where the blue cheese hails from, but that’s actually Roquefort!

We’re parked up with the ‘big boys’ tonight in the aire (45°55’39.12″N 0°57’16.83″W) as they are all mostly 9m moho’s. Oooh! Our neighbour (French) has even more gaffer tape on its back end than GerTee plus they have a broken wing mirror, so our damage looks like a mere flesh wound!

28-05-2018 Rochefort 7
GerTee playing with the big boys…

Rochefort is an old 17th century naval town which only stopped being active in the 1920’s. Lots of old buildings to look at and it also has quite a large Port de Plaisance as the town is right next to the Charente river. We spied a yacht called ‘Lady Jacques’ from Southampton – small world.

28-05-2018 Rochefort 3

28-05-2018 Rochefort 6
Worse camping hair than herself?

We’ve been pouring over maps and have changed our plan of hugging the coast and now intend to pop inland towards the Dordogne. We caught up with our lovely house sitters and are happy to report that Milo is very well and being spoilt rotten (and has even taken to sitting on laps!). Apparently, Milo has been renting out our chiminea to a tabby squatter.

Hope Milo’s collecting the rent!

Link to a map showing where we’ve been so far…

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