Périgueux to Bergerac

The yellow thing in the sky is out today so our spirits have lifted. Decided on Bergerac as our next port of call. Emptied all GerTee’s tanks on the bourne before we left; had a brief parlez with a couple from Petersfield who are off to see the cave paintings in Cahors and we’re off.

50 minutes later after going up hill and down dale and still maintaining 30.1 mpg we arrive at the aire just outside Bergerac (44°52’16.36″N 0°30’13.55″E).

01-06-2018 Bergerac 3

We both have chores to do today. Herself is on handwashing clothes duty and just because it’s 29oC in GerTee, himself is knocking up an aromatic beef curry which takes 3 hours in the oven, so the temperature is going to get even worse!

01-06-2018 Bergerac 1
Hot Hot Hot!!!

We’ve also given Mr. Clang, Chas and The Major a spruce up as well as they won’t wash behind their ears!

01-06-2018 Bergerac 2
Naughty boys!

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