Bidart (Biarritz)

We found a recommended lunch spot on our walk out yesterday and have booked us a table for lunch. We’ve skipped our breakfast this morning in order to stuff our faces to the absolute max. Lunch is taken outside at ‘La Tantina de La Playa’, on the balcony overlooking the Atlantic ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range.

There’s lots of fish and seafood on the menu so herself is in fishy heaven.

Some time later, we are fully stuffed and trudge our way up the steep steps from the beach huffing and puffing. Collapsed in our chairs under the van awning and enjoyed a good old English doze.


Ooh… there are ripples of excitement here today at Camp Clang as we’re off to spot the rich and famous (if we’re lucky) in Biarritz. Both of us have donned our very best glamping clothes and off we travel in style… OK, so it’s the number 13 bus, and we arrive in town 15 minutes later.

So this is where we have to paint our dear reader a picture… so here goes. Think of Bournemouth (minus the pier) stick a Casino on the seafront, then hike the prices up to eye watering levels, dot the streets with every designer shop you can think of and Tah Dah, you have Biarritz.

We are virtually professionals at ‘people watching’ however, we ain’t seen anyone famous or even remotely rich looking. This may partly be due to the rain as they may not want to get their coiffure frizzy or they don’t surface till 10pm. As it’s only 10 am, and we are usually in our jimjams with an Ovaltine at 10pm, we stop searching.

We are dodging the the wet stuff, in and out of shops that we can’t afford to buy anything in without a second mortgage and end up in the indoor marche where we settle on €3 for 2 Gateaux Basque.

These are the plainest looking little sponge cakes but oh boy they are bloody lovely as when you bite into them they are filled with crème and cerise…deelish!!!

Not sure that we would bother returning to Biarritz but it’s off the bucket list. However Bidart is a lovely little town which is on our return to list.

Into week 4 tomorrow and we head into Spain. This has taken team GerTee 3 weeks to get this far south and we cannot comprehend why a lot of folk rush through France at break neck speeds to get to Spain and miss out on lots of wonderful experiences. Hey Ho, each to their own.

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