Pamplona to Vitoria-Gasteiz

Well it feels like bloody winter, 12 degrees C outside and at the risk of repeating ourselves… it’s raining again!

Pamploma clearly doesn’t want us to leave as the blooming exit barrier won’t raise up and we’re stuck, grrrr. Quick conversation with the mystery voice on the intercom and we are eventually set free.

GerTee’s treated to a breakfast of cheap diesel, it’s far cheaper than in France and it’s away we go to Vitoria-Gasteiz. Arrived without a hitch only to be confronted by the Wednesday market which is blocking the entrance to the aire (42°52’0.64″N 2°41’5.95″W). No problem, we’ll just park up and wait till it finishes at 3pm.

Had a wander around the market but it’s similar to Fareham market so nothing really to write home about. Popped into the Mercadona supermarket over the road for supplies and pleasantly surprised to find that food appears to be less expensive here than in it’s French neighbour.

Shopping all stowed away, which in a diddy van is a challenge, we spot that the stall holders are beginning to pack up for the day. As there are quite a few other MoHo’s also waiting to access the aire, (coz it’s a free one) we spring into action and sneak through to nab our place.

13-06-2018 Vitoria-Gasteiz 3

No time to hang around so we catch a tram to the centre and grab a map and some info from the helpful lady in the tourist office.

13-06-2018 Vitoria-Gasteiz 2
A tram…

Turns out Vitoria-Gasteiz is the current capital of the Basque country and they are staunchly proud of this. Basque is spoken here and as our Spanish language skills are pants we haven’t got a hope to even attempt to try and understand the lingo. Hey Ho we will have a proper explore of the city tomorrow as we have decided to stay for 2 nights.

13-06-2018 Vitoria-Gasteiz 1
Where are we again?

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