We feel we need a jolly good stomp around the city to walk off last night’s empanada, so it’s back on the tram into the city centre. It has a medieval historic quarter with a well preserved 11th century wall and cute narrow little side streets to explore. There is also a 13th century Cathedral (Santa Maria) along with Renaissance palaces to visit as well.

They are particularly keen on wall art here, not quite in the genre of Banksy but still pretty interesting to look at.

Small Plazas dotted around the centre are excellent spots to relax, enjoy a drink and do a bit of people watching while your poor old tootsies try and recover!

Did we tell you that Vitoria-Gasteiz was voted the European Green Capital in 2012, well it was and this is reflected in the grass covered tram lines and the foliage encrusted conference centre.

14-06-2018 Vitoria-Gasteiz 10

We think this an excellent city for a long weekend break as it’s got an abundance of museums, art galleries, restaurants and bars. If we’re ever back this way we will definitely be stopping again.

Now, himself fancied visiting the salt flats in Salinas de Anaña (UNESCO heritage site), where they produce Anaña salt, which, we are told is used by prestigious chefs no less. Herself has however, vetoed this plan (yawn yawn) and so he has to make do with just buying the salt along with some pimenton in a small culinary shop.

We’ve decided to walk back to camp, rather than taking the tram just to be able to soak up a little bit of local life and now we are bushed. So it’s buenos noches mes compadres.

Link to a map showing where we’ve been so far…

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