Vitoria-Gasteiz to Burgos

We’ve taken the Autopista del Norte, a toll motorway, so it’s a good and quiet route to today’s destination of Burgos. Both of us agree that it’s the best scenery we’ve seen so far, with snow capped mountains (told you it was cold) and grassy plains dotted with wild poppies.

GerTee is parked up in the free aire (42°21’1.34″N 3°40’49.38″W), which is basically a car park but very close to the city centre.

15-06-2018 Burgos 4

As there is a laundrette around the corner we take the opportunity to wash everything that isn’t nailed down so to speak. Unfortunately not all our clobber can be tumble dried and we are FORBIDDEN by Spanish law to hang washing out of our MoHo window. So there’s nothing to do except turn poor GerTee into a makeshift airing cupboard.

15-06-2018 Burgos 3

Just had a chat with our new mate Peter from Aberdeen who is here with his lovely companion, Flo the dog and herself takes the opportunity to give Flo some dog biscuits that she’s been carting around in her back pack for nearly a month… don’t ask!!!

Peter has given us the heads up on some action that will be going down here tonight and over the weekend and tells us that we’re parked in an OK spot to avoid any ‘ag’ or too much noise. Apparently a lot of South Americans swarm here to play volleyball accompanied by some loud tunes until 2 in the morning; that’s our beauty sleep out the window then. To be fair it has all started quite amicably, a few fireworks have been set off but that may be due to Spain equalising with Portugal in the footie.

GerTee is tucked up nicely between 2 much larger vans so think we will be OK tonight… fingers crossed.

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