León to Oveido (Asturias)

That’s it, too damn hot to sleep comfortably, we’re a bit cranky so it’s away over the Montes de Leon in search of some cooler air.

GerTee takes the AP-66 and climbs upwards, through numerous tunnels in the rock face and drops steeply down the other side. One tunnel we used was 4kms in length and as we were spat out the other side of another tunnel, we had a WOW moment, luckily there was somewhere to park up so we could go and have a good gawp.

Our view is that of a reservoir called ‘Embalse de Los Barrios de Luna’ which is surrounded by the granite mountain range and is absolutely breathtaking. With cameras out we rattled off a whole lot of piccy’s, which really don’t capture the marvel of it.

20-06-2018 Oviedo 11
The spectacular ‘Embalse de Los Barrios de Luna’

It’s taken 1 hour 40 to roll into Oviedo and our temperature gauge is dropping so objective is achieved. GerTee is again sleeping in a car park (43°22’57.99″N 5°49’26.61″W) but it’s just for 1 night en route to the coast.

20-06-2018 Oviedo 1

Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias region and is has mostly service based industries and as a result of this there are loads of high rise flats to accommodate the workforce here. Not the prettiest place to visit, however it does have some very ornate lamp posts and a super shiny hospital the knocks both QA and Southampton General Hospitals into a cocked hat.

OK so here’s a factoid to leave you with, Fernando Alonso, the racing driver blokey comes from here… well there you go.

2 thoughts on “León to Oveido (Asturias)

  1. Ola! A has asked me to comment here…we are currently in Bruges…or at least in a nearby campsite. The temperature is 13℃ here, he is wearing a fleece, and wondering about hypothermia…soft Southerner! Bruges is wonderful, we have done a quick recce today, but hope to spend the whole day exploring tomorrow. Hope you find some cooler weather..the photos are stunning! Fifi x


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