Oviedo to Cudillero

GerTee has now managed to clock up 8 consecutive nights as a freeloader on aires of varying levels of luxury, so we thought we would treat her to a right proper stay at a fully paid up campsite. Taken the short hop from Oviedo and are now at ‘Camping Cudillero’ (43°33’15.09″N 6°7’45.38″W) which is in a little hamlet called Arances, 3kms away from the fishing village of Cudillero.

The site is a descent size with some bungalow rentals, but is mostly geared up for tourers like us. Pitches are landscaped with blues and pinks of Hydrangea shrubs, gotta like a bit of shrubbery in your life! There’s a cute little swimming pool, but it’s too flipping cold even to consider putting a mankini on at the minute, a small bar, restaurant and shop for your essentials. Himself is happy as a sand boy, yep the Wi-Fi is free, which is a rarity on paid for sites, so at least he can surf away to his hearts content.

Great… La Playa is signposted right out of the camp and is only 1.4kms away, so off we go for a leg stretch and potential paddle. Blimey riley it’s a steep and windy road to climb down but we tell ourselves it’s good for us and trudge on down. The scenery here is reminiscent (ooh that’s a big word) of North Cornwall and Devon, with a rugged coastline and high cliff faces, very ‘Lorna Doone’. Sadly there is no paddling for us today as the tide is in so the beach is miniscule and pebbly but we suspect that when the tide moves out it will open up it’s sandy side.

Today has been truly overcast and as a sea and hill fog roll in to meet each other we drag our sorry backsides upwards 1.4kms and 324 feet from sea level, back to base. We’re now feeling a bit like a couple of old mountain goats so it’s flake out time with tootsies up!

So you will recall how Team Clang have been harping on about the heat and how it’s too hot to sleep and needing cooler air etc, well we will leave you with this picture… be careful what you wish for!!!

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