Santiago de Compostela to Pontevedra

The original plan was to spend 2 nights soaking up Santiago but by 7am we are up (don’t usually surface till 8) and GerTee is packed up and by 9am moving onwards on the AP9 in the direction of Vigo. Just didn’t get a good vibe from Santiago, so there was no real point in hanging around in a coach park.

Today the dart of destiny (chucked at a map) has hit Pontevedera and we cross the Rio Lerez on one of it’s many bridges to park up in the small aire beside the river (42°26’0.31″N 8°38’8.09″W).

2906-2018 Pontevedra 1

It’s a stones throw from there to walk into the old part of this compact city and quell surprise… it’s Roman in origin.

This is Gertee’s 11th city destination of our trip thus far and nearly all have had their roots in Roman history, talk about them being domineering. Being a Friday the place is buzzing and there appears to be a bikers convention going on here as we have spotted groups of them wandering around with their chapter jackets/T-shirts on; but they do look a tad out of place amongst the sophisticated folk and we put our humble selves in that category.

Pontevedra has many porticoed streets leading on to charming small squares, OK, so we read that on the tourist info map but one of these does take us to the indoor market.

Wow, herself is enraptured by all the fantastic fresh fish counters but alas we are FORBIDDEN to use our BBQ on the aire and as we don’t wish to stink poor GerTee out by cooking inside we walk on by… she knows a song with that title!

OK, it’s Friday, so we settle down in one of the many bars and peruse tomorrows activities and do a spot of people watching.

Early evening brings the humidity level up and our thermometer is registering in the low 30’s with storms predicted on the weather app thingy. Therefore after a sumptuous salad, Señora was chef tonight, we grab the opportunity to walk along the banks of Rio Lerez before the heavens open up.

We return across the Ponte dos Tirantes, opposite where we are camped and this suspension bridge almost sings to us as the wind whips between it’s cables. Black clouds are building up so we head back to GerTee to batten down the hatches before the storm hits.

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