Boy oh boy, it certainly lashed it down on top of poor GerTee last night and opening the blinds this morning, today isn’t shaping up to be much better. Right then, time to immerse in a spot of culture so we secrete ourselves away in the superb Pontevedra museum.

There is quite an eclectic mix here of Galician art from 14th – 20th century, furniture, ceramics and a load of stuff about the area in prehistoric times, oh and also the Roman era. The collections are over 3 floors, each with 8 large rooms in a very modern glass building hidden within old walls.

There is almost too much to look at, but the time flies by and when we leave the skies have lightened and the sun peeks through.

OK, s’pose we’d best go look at the obligatory cathedral… groan. Big breath… the Basilica de Santa Maria, also called ‘St Mary’s of Fisherman’ is a mix of both Gothic and Renaissance forms. No photos are permitted inside so our pics only show you the facade which isn’t that impressive.

30-06-2018 Pontevedra 5

There is an inscription on one of the altar’s which apparently gives some credence to the theory that Christopher Columbus came from Pontevedra.

Hmm, a chap trying to sell us his house once told our Ben that Matt Le Tissier had slept there, so we take everything with a pinch of salt and no, we didn’t buy his house!

Refreshments are now called for and located in a back street bar, where a cheeky couple of Vermuth de Casera and tapas are consumed in the company of some lively locals. What a shame, the clouds are back again and look grey and heavy with the wet stuff so we head back to camp for some serious map planning in prep for our entry into Portugal.

Will leave you with herself’s favourite painting from the museum, she says it reminds her of all her friends back in Blighty… you know who you are girls!

30-06-2018 Pontevedra 6

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