Viana do Castelo to Vila do Coronado (Porto)

Viana is shrouded in mist and drizzly rain, so the mood in Team Clang is on the low side. We’d hoped to enjoy some of the town’s highlights, such as the Fort and funicular railway but we appear to have lost our mojo.

Never mind, we have domestic chores to attend to, including one mother load of washing, so it’s off to Intermarche to utilise their launderette. InterMarche’s in Portugal are excellent for motor homers as they have dedicated overnight parking, full services, launderette, fuel and shopping!

With clean laundry and a fully stocked fridge we head south towards Porto, but first we have to register GerTee for the Portuguese electronic toll system. Should be easy… nah, the number plate recognition system has aged GerTee by 10 years, which is a damn liberty in our books. It has somehow read HX62 as HX52 so we are a bit scuppered. We try changing the registration via tinterweb, that didn’t work, Himself has phoned and has been on hold for an eternity and now steam is seeping from his lugholes. When he eventually manages to speak to someone she has very little English which is a bit odd as this electronic toll pay station is just for foreign vehicles, you can’t make this stuff up!!! Anyhoo, she promises to call back in 10 minutes but clearly this has gone into the ‘too difficult to deal with bucket’ and never returns our call. Finally… we resort to the ‘help button’ by the pay station and after another eternity on hold, a guy quickly grasps our problem, fixes it and we go on our way.

Once we are off the smooth motorway we discover that Portuguese roads are the pits as we find ourselves travelling 15-20 kmh on untarmaced roads which are akin to cobbled streets of the 1800’s. Sheesh, it’s all rattling around in the van including ourselves and we’ll be lucky if nothing has broken.

We finally arrive in Vila do Coronado (41°16’40.51″N 8°32’58.69″W) which we can only describe politely as a dump, but we are only here for the convenience of the nearby station where we intend getting the train into Porto tomorrow.

02-07-2018 Vila do Coronado 1

P.S. nothing actually broke which is an absolute miracle.

2 thoughts on “Viana do Castelo to Vila do Coronado (Porto)

  1. Haha enjoyed reading this having had the same experience of the tolls and bumpy motorways in the Minis! You’ll be even more annoyed at the faff of sorting the number plate when you discover that the majority of the toll motorways after that require you to take a ticket and pay when you get off – what’s the point in the number plate recognition?!


    1. We’ve alreday had one of those! As you say, what’s the point? Had our worst ever Portugese road yesterday. Completely broken up tarmac surface, potholes and dodgy fill ins. Road not quite wide enough for 2 vehicles, more bends than I could count and lorries coming at you at ridiculus speeds. Can’t wait to get back to the sanity of Spanish drivers!

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