Vila do Coronado (Porto) to Espinho

Poor GerTee has now endured 10 days without electric hook up, but her 2 leisure batteries have done us proud and the only thing which is suffering is Madame’s camping hair.

The trusty map and dart method is directing us to Espinho on the coast so with our route planned for “sensible roads only” – off we go. Crikey… how come we’re now travelling on a potholed, windy road which is barely wide enough for 2 vehicles to pass. There’s a steep drop to our right and lorries and vans on the opposite side are hell bent on running us off the road… and breathe! Add to this the fact that after this nail-biting ride from the site to the motorway, we have somehow missed our junction on the motorway to turn off for Espinho, so we are no longer going around Porto but through the middle of it on the Lisbon road… neither one of us uttered a word.

Any-ways, we are now at ‘Municipal Campismo Espinho’ (41°0’50.18″N 8°38’15.27″W) which is somewhat dated, however it’s proximity to the beach is spot on. GerTee is happily soaking up the 9amp leccy and we’re charging up everything we own, in fact you could probably see us glowing from the International Space-station!

04-07-2018 Espinho 6

Off we toddle to the beach a mile away and there’s an international volleyball tournament warming up. It’s super busy with the young and fit and himself is enraptured by the sight of ‘young gels’ limbering up.

A few pop up bars and eateries have been set up along the beach to cater for the crowds, but not sure why as there are a substantial number of restaurants here anyway. The sun is out and it’s heating up nicely so we’re off to find somewhere under a parasol to watch the surfers catch a wave.

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