It’s been like the scene in 101 Dalmatians with Pongo on Hampstead Heath. One dog starts to bark then the rest of ’em join in the doggy chin-wag. We had this late into the evening and early this morning, sheesh, think we prefer the cockerels doing their cock-a-doodle-doo!

Thought we’d check out Espinho town to see what delights it had to offer the humble traveller and in doing so have been stalked by the ‘Google Street View’ van not once but twice, so we may appear on’t t’internet; hope they edit herself s hair!

To be honest there really isn’t anything to write home about in Espinho except they have a pretty church which doesn’t look as grey and austere as those we have encountered in Spain and France.

05-07-2018 Espinho 2

They have a large fire station manned by volunteer Bombeiros and a cool vintage fire engine in a glass case. Apart from that you have some small shops and cafes lining the main street.

Espinho is all about it’s fabulous beach and they even have a casino in pride of place on the beach front. As casino visits don’t form part of our budget on this trip we walk on by. So, beach it is again for more international volleyball.

05-07-2018 Espinho 1

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