Espinho to Estarreja

GerTee has escaped from what we called ‘Stalag 17’ (because the campsite was encased in barbed wire fencing) and is heading a short hop south to Estrarreja.

Our current plan A is to pop back into Spain to visit Salamanca which has been recommended by several fellow travellers and Estarreja just happens to be on the way, so we will see what we find there.

We are parked up at the 6 bay aire (40°45’12.67″N 8°33’59.04″W) in the ‘Parque Municipal’ by the river Antua and everywhere is immaculate… in Portugese terms!

06-07-2018 Estarreja 7

Estarreja is a compact town so there isn’t a great deal to see but it does have a wool shop so herself will be buying yarn for her crotchet project.

Okey-dokey then, what’s occurring here? Small marquees are being set up in the parque, bunting and fairy lights are strewn around and the place is a hive of activity. Before you know it, all sorts of children’s activities have been set up, including a 1 horned bucking bronco, then at 2pm the parque is packed with lots of kiddies and families. The fire brigade and even 2 giant Minions are on hand to entertain and at 5pm a lorry arrives and a large stage is being set up.

Ooh… looks like there’s gonna be a live band, most excellent! So at 8pm… yeah, yeah we all know herself is normally in her PJ’s by then, we saunter all of 50 metres over to the action. But she ain’t happy as it’s beer or coke on offer… that’ll be 2 beers then mate and we settle down on a straw bale to listen to the sound check.

06-07-2018 Estarreja 4
Umm, grub…

Said band consist of 2 accordion players… there’s a novelty, bass and lead guitarists, keyboard, drums and bird and bloke vocalists. All sounds promising as they play bits n bobs of the ‘Red Hot Chillies’ so could be in for a rockin’ night.

Hmm the crowd has been waiting 2 hours for the actual gig to commence but everyone is having a jolly time. Couldn’t persuade himself to try the bucking bronco out for size, something about dangerous sports and not being covered on our insurance… bloomin’ excuses.

We have been trying to figure out what the festivities are in aid of and with the help of google translate came to the conclusion it’s the towns social event for people with learning difficulties, their carers and families (we could be wrong but this is our best guess).

So it is now 10pm and me and him are enjoying the folksy style of Portuguese rock (think Eurovision and you know what we mean) it then starts to sound a bit repetitive and conga lines are forming, so we left ’em to it.

We did have a lovely evening and it was really refreshing to see such a small town going to great lengths to ensure everyone enjoyed it… Well done Estarreja.

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