Estarreja to Viseu

Blimey, GerTee has managed to become trapped in the aire which is also part of the town’s small car park as today is market day. Cars are cruising around like sharks looking for spaces to park, add to this the fact that other MoHo’s are arriving in the hope that one of us may be moving on and this equals gridlock!

May as well go and have a mooch about the market and let the bedlam die down. Mostly shoes, handbags and clothing on the outside and inside you have your butchers, greengrocers, bakers and fresh fish counters. One lady stall holder is stroking a live slithery eel and pretends to give it a big kiss… yuk! By the time herself has purchased some wool the car park has calmed down and we get away safely.

We are still heading south on the motorway and we pass scores of blackened trees; can only assume there have been a lot of fires over recent years and they all look look very eerie.

Our magic dart has sent us to the city of Viseu and we are parked up along with 2 French vans in the cities free aire (40°39’52.77″N 7°54’58.82″W) on the edge of the old town. With hats and sunscreen slapped on we walk up the very steep hill to the medieval part of Viseu. On the way up we passed their very colourful municipal market which had already shut for the day, never mind.

07-07-2018 Viseu 3

Once at the top, puffing and panting, we both have decided we are now developing super sized calf muscles a la Geoff Capes. Never thought we would say this, but we appear to have cathedral withdrawal symptoms, so we seek out the Cathedral de Santa Maria de Viseu which is en route for the Portuguese pilgrimage to Santiago.

07-07-2018 Viseu 7
Respect! (again)

Very impressive Cathedral with tiled cloisters, oculus and Merion frieze but someone’s gone and nicked it’s relic (relocated to Lisbon for an exhibition), crikey how disappointing.

3pm has arrived and himself is getting pensive… oh, think he wants to watch the England/Sweden match. Thankfully we find a shady spot in front of a large screen by the Town Hall and settle down with the multinational crowd to cheer them on. Think we may have found a reason to hang out GerTee’s bunting!!!

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