So we have just rolled into week 8 of our trip and to celebrate, himself goes to the Pasteleria to buy some cake and returns with 2 chocolate croissants and 2 custard tart thing’s, yummy.

GerTee is looking a little grubby in places so we treat her to a top to toe spring clean. He gets to do the cab (and other mechanical stuff) and I have the mammoth task of cleaning our living quarters. 2 hours later she’s shiny like a new pin and smelling very citrusy.

08-07-2018 Viseu 4

With that chore completed we head into the old city again but this time we cheat and ride up on the funicular train, wished we’d used this yesterday. Señora in the tourist office had informed us that they have random artworks dotted around the city this week so we set off on a hunt to find them.

Mmmm,didn’t spot that many so either we missed them or they have very well hidden. Hey but we did spot these legs hanging out of a window with attached signs reading ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘prude’ and ‘asking for it’… all very strange.

08-07-2018 Viseu 5

Someone has turned up the heat and the temperature has now hit 32 degrees C and we are beginning to flag. The only sensible option has been taken and we find some respite in a bar shaded by trees… Cheers!

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