Viseu to Garda via Celorico de Beira

Himself has been doing some research and has identified a beauty spot that we can park up in overnight at Celorico de Beira, so that’s where we are going too. Coming off the motorway junction for Celorico, we climbed steeply upwards on narrow cobbled streets that seemed to go on forever until we found their 2 place aire right at the top! It was so promising, with panoramic views across the valley and a castle just a little further up the hill to explore, forgot to mention it’s free including leccy… result.

Damn and double drat, the bourne and 1 MoHo parking place are all taped off like a crime scene and the remaining spot is occupied by a Portuguese van, so guess they ‘Top Trump’ us Brits.

Neh Bother, as just like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat we find a Plan B and that be Guarda.

Tonight’s stop in Guarda is way outside the main part of the city (40°32’57.70″N 7°14’31.78″W), but it is beside a quiet, pretty park, with a man made lake and a river. Himself is again smiling as, a) we managed to get a parking spot, b) the bourne is fully functioning and c) yep it’s gratis!

Now before you peeps start thinking that the Schreiber’s are penny pinching tight arses (no comments please) we should divulge why we get excited when we find a freebie place to kip (especially when services are provided).

Each motorhomer has their own unique way of travelling and we enjoy moving on every couple of days or so, it suits us well. Campsites in the summer season can be eye wateringly expensive, €35, €45 and we even clocked one at €65 per night, but that one was in Biarritz darling! If we used these all the time we just could not afford to spend an extended time away travelling. So we just mix and match ‘paid for’ campsites with free spots depending on where we want to go.

Right we digress, back to Guarda. We’ve checked t’internet and it’s main attraction is… a Cathedral. It’s a hell of a walk or cycle and we don’t fancy hanging around for the Autobus in 34 degree C heat, so we opt for the softies option of a stroll around the park and a spot of book reading.

Evening arrives and it’s still chuffing schorchio, our French compadres on the car park are all breaking the ‘camping behaviour’ laws and have deployed outside tables and chairs. Mmmmn, think we will stick ourselves in GerTee’s shadow and join them in the cool breeze. There is little light pollution here so we are treated to a good naked eye views of Venus and Jupiter and other twinkly stars.

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