Garda to Salamanca via Ciudad Rodrigo

It’s another scorcher and the temperature is forecast to reach 35 degrees C in the shade. With GerTee’s air con on full whack we head off to Ciudad Rodrigo which lies further east. Over the border and back into Spain, we have to remember to move watches and gadgets an hour forwards so we’re already an hour late in our arrival.

Cuidad comes into view high on a hill and looks very impressive, inviting us to stay and explore.

10-07-2018 Salamanca 1
Cuidad Rodrigo from the road, looks nice… couldn’t get parked!

Hey, guess what? We can’t get in to park up as we are late, bloody GMT+2, and it’s clearly a very popular place to visit as the car park is rammed. We’ve previously checked and the 3 campsites outside the Citadel have absolutely shocking reviews so we abandon Ciudad and push on to Salamanca. Road conditions have improved immensely since we popped back into Spain so the schlep to Salamanca has not been a bone rattler.

We’ve passed brown piggy’s wallowing in a water hole, black bulls and storks all seen from the motorway. Herself has been way to slow with the camera so sorry but we can’t share this with you.

Okey dokey, himself has found a corker of a stopover and a first for Team Clang. GerTee is parked up in a Repsol petrol station… (40°56’22.44″N 5°39’18.02″W) but it has a service de Autocaravanas, so it’s permitted to stay overnight here… for free (yawn yawn).

10-07-2018 Salamanca 10

Into the city on the number 21 auto-bus and it drops us right in the historic centre. Popped into ‘ye olde’ tourist office and grabbed a map and info in English.

Salamanca has been recommended to us by so many folk we have met that fingers and toes are crossed that the place lives up to their praises. Wow, it’s absolutely breathtaking and we just wander around the cobbled streets snapping away like the Japanese on our camera’s.

Spotted the English language school next to the Music school and this picture is for our Ben…

10-07-2018 Salamanca 4

Salamanca’s historic centre is not vast, so makes it intimate in a way. There are churches upon churches at almost every corner. There are 2 Cathedrals (bit greedy!), a 1st century Roman bridge , museums, galleries and a host of other stuff to explore.

We intend doing a proper sightseeing visit tomorrow after genning up on the city a bit more. Think we are just a little smitten with Salamanca and on heading back to our bus stop spot a potential business venture for us! We’ll sleep on it and you’ll be the first to know our decision.

Buenos Noches – Hope we’re not attacked by bandits in the night at our lovely petrol station, it’s not open 24 hours… eeek!

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