Segovia (2)

So it’s 2 washing machine loads blowing in the warm breeze on himself’s home made washing line. GerTee has had a jolly good wash behind her ears and other places and then we chill axed, as the young people say.

Without anything else to write about, herself has to post something else up, so here is her guide/observations on how to cope being a ‘lay-dee’ on an extended motorhome trip.

In no particular order, here we go:

  1. When planning your wardrobe stick all your clothes on the bed halve them, then halve them again and you still will have overpacked.

  2. If it needs ironing it ain’t coming.

  3. Consider going for the Sinead O’Connor look or put up with being the ‘wild woman of Borneo’. So ditch the hair straighteners unless Santa has given you the USB ones from your Christmas list.

  4. In what world did you think you would be wearing your Jimmy Choo’s. Certainly not one with vertical cobbled streets! What you need are a pair of sturdy walking boots and shoes, also a pair of those very sexy Crocs that even the guy’s are wearing.

  5. Do try to persuade him to leave behind his signed Alice Cooper T-shirt, coz after a few fast spins in the old camp site washing machine it’s gonna look moth eaten. But hey, he may be entering his grunge phase… I think that follows the mid life crisis phase but could be wrong.

  6. Never ever google ‘what type of snakes are there here’ otherwise you will be checking yer boots, looking in the bed and won’t want to skip gaily through any fields.

  7. When the love of you life is tired, hot and irritable from a long drive and your Sat Nag has decided to send you down that 1 way narrow street which happens to be double parked, soothingly say stuff like… “shall I pull the wing mirrors in”, “I can walk in front waving a red flag” or “shall we think about reversing back the way we came”.

  8. This is a weird one… do carry dog treats in your backpack as you do meet lots of pooch’s.

  9. Hah, home pedis and manis don’t work well in a van. They include judicious use of infused bowls of ‘Fairy Liquid’ and an angle grinder! Oh and then all your nail polish has gone into self destruct in the heat so you can’t even disguise how shocking they look.

  10. When he turns to you and says “lets pop into the Cathedral and have a look around”, try not to let your face look as if you’ve been sucking on a lemon and just smile like a Princess.

  11. Do encourage his enthusiasm of gourmet cooking but… 40 minutes in the supermarket trying to locate sour cream is 40 minutes off your life span. Especially, when you have shown ‘sour cream’ on google translate to the shop assistant who then happily thinks we have asked for a jar of sweet ‘n’ sour sauce. Just kindly offer to give chef the night off and cook… a healthy salad!

If you have slogged through this and think yep fancy a bit of motor homing then you will have a blast. Or there’s always that enticing package holiday you see on the internet, you may even be super lucky and have both…

15-07-2018 Segovia 1

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