Segovia to Aranda De Duero

Having spent some time looking over our map pondering which way to head next (and considering we’re halfway through our trip), the decision has been made not to go any further south. OK, we’ll missing exciting cities like Madrid, Granada and Seville but they will keep for another time.

Destination of the day happens to be eastwards to Aranda De Duero, the capital of the Ribera del Duero wine region. The town is known for having subterranean bodegas (wine cellars) that interconnect below the streets of the town centre.

We’ve parked GerTee up in tonight’s 4 star rated car park (41°40’13.33″N 3°41’33.42″W) and walked along the bank of the brown river Duero into town.

16-07-2018 Aranda De Duero 1

16-07-2018 Aranda De Duero 10

Blimey, the place is almost devoid of life, shops are closed and just a handful of bars/restaurants appear open.

We amble along aimlessly, as even the tourist office is shut and come across this shop.

16-07-2018 Aranda De Duero 4

Not sure but we hazard a guess that it’s an armoury for ferrets! Google translate disagrees and lets us know it’s some kind of hardware & armoury store… prefer gun toting ferrets me-self!

Trudging on in search of a bodega we can pop into the disappointment begins to set in. One is permanently closed and up for sale and the rest are shut… did they know we were en route? Aha, just discovered that we have missed the town’s 3 day fiesta which finished yesterday, so suspect that the folk here are a bit the worse for wear after 3 days of hard partying and couldn’t be arsed to open up their shops.

Well that was a cheap day out but there has to be something of interest to see here. Crikey well who’d have thought it, a Gothic, Renaissance church… well I never!

The most exciting thing we’ve seen today is a stork sat on top of another church roof and some graffiti style wall art. Just goes to show that if you look closely enough you will always something of interest.

Buenos Tardes Compadres.

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