Huesca to Monzón

We waved adiós to Huesca and travel eastwards on the A22 crossing the Greenwich Meridian line so it is confirmed that we are now back in the east. Passing vineyards, castles, forts and monasteries on hills along the route, we roll into the town of Monzón.

Catching a glimpse of the Knights Templar Castillo looming over the town, we are struggling to locate tonight’s aire.

21-07-2018 Monzón 4

Saints alive… there are ‘No Entry’ signs all over the area which are seriously interfering with GerTee’s access. Well what can ya do?… yes, we are now official Spanish criminals as we ignored said signs and ploughed on through anyway with fingers crossed that plod weren’t out on a Sunday looking for English law breakers! (Note from himself: these were temporary no entry signs which were equally ignored by a large number of our Spanish cousins – including some huge BFL’s [Big Fookin’ Lorries]).

Again we are the only van here and having read the ‘Camper Van Rules’ and wondering what punishment they would actually dish out, if, heaven forbid, we broke any rules, we set out for a nose about.

21-07-2018 Monzón 5

As per usual everywhere is ‘Cerrado’, but there is an interesting Templar Knights statue to admire. Trusty Trip Advisor lets us know that the Castillo is also shut and is only open 10 – 2 during the week so we’ll pop up there tomorrow.

21-07-2018 Monzón 7

Crossing back over a nearly dry tributary of the Rio Cinca we head back though a park and discover a 78 metre high brick chimney. The sign tells us that it is an ‘Industrial Archaeological Monument’, originally built in 1923 and is a remnant of the old sugar factory which disappeared in 1968… well there ya go!

21-07-2018 Monzón 6

Sunday for us is traditionally ‘jobs day’, so we get cracking with interesting chores such as defrosting our struggling fridge and a spot of cleaning. The reward being a chilled glass of wine whilst planning the onwards journey towards the glamorous 70’s resorts of Lloret and Tossa de Mar for some cooler air.

Buenos Tardes xx

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