Monzón to Tàrrega

The forecast today is ‘scorchio’ with temperatures projected to reach 35o C so we get a wiggle on in order to climb up to the Castillo. Passing the Cathedral on the way up and not bothering to go in we reach the top of the hill (88m climb according to Strava) to discover the blooming place is also shut on a Monday. Well that’s the last time we trust Trip Advisor for accurate information. Well we’ve huffed,puffed and sweated our way up here so may as well go through the locked barrier to the top and admire the panoramic views across Monzón.

Back at the aire we find GerTee has the company of 3 Civil Guardia cars plus the cops, one of which has an automatic rifle casually slung over his shoulder. Eeek, wonder if some local has dobbed us in for breaking the law yesterday. We quickly skulk inside and peer through the blinds to spot them pulling cars over for spot checks (we saw one ticket issued, no idea what for, but the car got turned inside out) and turning cars around, who like us went through the ‘No Entry’… thank goodness they weren’t here yesterday.

After the cops have left and we’ve showered, it’s a quick shop in ‘Supermercado Orangutan’, we kid you not and then move on to Tàrrega. The drive over on the Barcelona road is a tad boring and the only point of interest is a tall artwork figure at the side of the carriageway which almost looks to be about to stride across the road in front of us.

21-07-2018 Monzón and Tàrrega 2

Tàrrega’s aire (41°38’34.14″N 1°8’16.13″E) looks quite new and we don’t think many people are aware of it, so it’s just us and a Spanish family sharing tonight.

Tàrrega is one of those small old towns which over time has been swallowed up by new industry and housing. We only manage an hours mooch around due to the stifling heat and the place is very quiet as the sensible locals are all hunkered down in the shade.

Back in the van the heat has nobbled poor ‘Chef’ so it’s bread, cheese and cold meats for supper which is about all we can manage, just hope we can sleep without being par boiled by the morning.

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