Tàrrega to Navarcles

A very strange thing occurred on exiting Tàrrega, our Sat Nag miraculously found her voice again, having stopped talking to us for the past 12 months. Can’t explain how this happened but it’s now very annoying so himself turns her voice off again!

On the way we play tag with a BFL full of piggies on the motorway as we keep passing each other climbing up and down the hills all the way to Navarcles.

Yet again we are ‘Billy no mates’ in the village aire by the Llac de Navarcles (41°45’24.39″N 1°54’29.73″E), but we are now getting used to this situation and it no longer worries us as much as it used to. We have managed to squish ourselves between a couple of trees to maximise the shade and hopefully prevent the poor old fridge from overheating.

Navarcles is a small village so we are not expecting any ‘wow’ moments and so aren’t disappointed when the only pictures taken of any interest are one of the village cat, who’s a little scrawny, and one of an old chapel… told you.

Walking the opposite way from the village is a small lake which we decide to walk round. However, we are stopped by two council workers who in very rapid Spanish tell us the bridge is unsafe and for us to walk along the opposite footpath. Well we think that’s what they said but who knows?

The lake is set up for all manner of water sports and considering it’s the school hols over here there’s no one about. Never mind, the local duckies are enjoying the tranquillity whilst they can.

Have we told you it’s chuffin’ hot here? (35.3oC in the van – with all windows open) I’m sure we haven’t! Ah, but relief has arrived in the shape of big black storm clouds rolling down the hillside. Hooray, after a good downpour the air has cooled and is a lot fresher, hopefully it’ll be a more comfortable nights kip.

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