Navarcles to Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà

Do you recall that deserted lake we mentioned yesterday? Well today it’s heaving with parents double parking in order to drop off their ‘little darlings’ for some sort of organised activity. This really doesn’t help us as we have to pass their cars going uphill on an already tight narrow road and himself is muttering expletives under his breath as we plough on through.

Today we have travelled to the ‘Burbs’ north of Vic and have parked up in the free aire (42°1’2.39″N 2°14’44.41″E), including leccy, next to the sports complex. This doesn’t sound very glamorous but we have mountain views one way and the manicured lawns of houses the opposite way.

Although we are in the suburbs there are a large amount of heavy duty farm vehicles passing by and the air has what we can only describe as an aroma of organic farm matter about it! There is literally nothing to do here unless we fancied a sprint around the playing field, but it’s way to hot to contemplate that malarkey.

Anyhoo we’re off to the Costa Brava tomorrow which we are looking forward to and himself has dug around in his allocated bit of our wardrobe to retrieve his mankini… gawd help us.

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