Peralada to Trouillas

Having had a stop,start journey on the AP7, which at one point saw us suspended in a traffic jam, mid viaduct (neither of us spoke a word and stared dead ahead) at gawd knows how high as we crossed the Pyrenees Orientale, we reached today’s stop. Darling’s, we’re now in the South of France!

We are staying on an olive farm called ‘Les Oliviers De La Canterrane’ in the village of Trouillas (42°36’50.22″N 2°48’57.60″E). There are 15 spots for camping cars with mountain views and it’s all for free, but very basic.

The farm has a small shop selling its products and those of other local producers but there is no obligation or pressure to purchase anything. It’s a bit like the France Passion sites but without the 12 month subscription fee. We tried France Passion last year… oye no sniggering, but it didn’t really work for us so didn’t renew it for this trip.

After setting up camp or trying too, as a petite cat has befriended us and keeps getting under foot, we pop into the farm shop for a nose about. Christian, our host is passionate about olive farming and patiently explained the labour intensive process of artisan olive oil production. He has very little English so matched us with our lack of French, but we all managed to understand each other as he explained and we tasted the different varieties of oils he produces. Chef has chosen the olive oil he wishes to use at home so after making our purchase we head back out into the furnace.

Who’d have believed that we would ever be held hostage by one small cat who probably weighs 4kgs wet through… nah we didn’t either. Well we wanted to sit outside in the shade as it’s 35.9o C, however the parking area is swamped by giant nipping ants, so that’s not an option. No problem we open all windows and hab door to capture the cross breeze. Now the cat has made it her mission to come and live with us on a permanent basis by hurling herself through our hab door fly screen, not once but 4 times so we have to close the door to keep her out… naughty kitty. She starts crying in a high pitched whine until she spots a newly arrived Dutch van and wanders off in their direction to enquire if they will adopt her instead… fickle madam!

Oh joy of joys, himself has been eaten alive and now has a large blister, swollen foot and a serious case of a sense of humour failure. ‘Nurse Jackie’ now has to deal with him and bloomin’ cook as well… so looks like it’s gonna be salad tonight then! But I did cook the hard boiled eggs to perfection.

There’s been a beautiful view of a very bright Venus in the night sky and the bats are out on an ‘all you can eat buffet ‘ so this signals bedtime for us.

Bonsoir Mes Amis

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