Trouillas to Villeneuve de la Raho

Having ascertained that ‘Hostage Kitty’ wasn’t clinging on to GerTee’s chassis in a last ditch attempt to emigrate to the U.K we set off on the arduous 6 mile trip to our next stop. The Schreiber wallet has been troubled for the €20 per night to stay at ‘Camping Les rives du lac’ (42°38’15.76″N 2°53’53.28″E) which funnily enough is beside a lake by the mountains.

We’ve managed to nab the shadiest pitch available but Madame la receptionist has given us fair warning that this pitch will be subject to noise from the bar area tonight as they have a crooner booked. Hmm, we’ll take shade over noise thank you very much, can’t be any worse than opera that went on till 1.30am… or can it.

The campsite is well laid out with generous pitches screened by hedges or trees so at least you don’t experience the ‘goldfish bowl’ effect which we hate. It’s Moules et Fritte night tonight but sadly you have to book a day ahead for this and as the restaurant is fully booked we will have to go without.

No matter, chef is recovering well from his bites and is not going for the 2nd Oscar for most grumpy git of the trip award even managing to knock up some grub that isn’t salad ( I’m just waiting for my slap).

Our pitch offers us exclusive front row seats for tonight’s entertainment and the singer has a style that befits a pub singer in the genre of ‘Duffy’… wonder where she is these days? You have to give her 10/10 for enthusiasm as she gets them all up on the dance floor with a mixture of both French and English songs. We particularly enjoyed her rendition of Daft Punks’ ‘Get Lucky’… she should have sung ‘he’s up all night to get lucky’ however it came out as ‘he’s up all night to get leccy’. Clearly she has a motorhome too as we also worry about getting leccy as well!

To be honest her set wasn’t that bad or even too loud and by 11pm she’s bid everyone Bon Nuit and we all toddle off to bed.

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