Villeneuve de la Raho

How the bejesus did it get to be August already? Before you know it the Easter eggs will be in the shops heralding the imminent arrival of Christmas, now there’s a cheery thought.

This is a lovely spot so we have decided to stay a 2nd night for a bit more more R and R (in the shade). In this heat we now have a rule of thumb, if you’re going to exert yourself best do it before 10am or after 10pm or there maybe consequences. So early this morning we took ourselves off walking around the lake. Fisherman are sat in the lake on their stools casting out fishing lines. However reading a sign which states not to eat fish caught in the lake as quality and temperature of the water cannot be guaranteed makes us wonder why they are bothering at all. Note to self don’t buy any if offered up to us.


The larger lake is bordered by ‘un Petit Lac’ which appears to be man made and is host to the peddelos, paddle boarders and swimmers. It’s got a small sandy beach with a handful of bars/eateries and even at 10.30am the place is heaving with holiday makers; crikey wouldn’t wish to be here on a weekend it would be like sardines.

01-08-2018 Villeneuve de la Raho 6

Anyhow, me and himself are hardy folk so we trek up to take a peek at Centre Ville. It is mostly a residential area with some lovely homes and after a peruse in the estate agents it turns out we can afford to buy here if the mood takes us! The centre has the obligatory church and war memorial with a small Sports Bar being at it’s heart.


Both of us are sweating worse than a whore in church and may possibly have lost ½ our body weight in perspiration. We’re glad to get back to our shady little oasis, even if the water from our fridge is luke warm… poor fridge.

This evening himslef’s been on hand to help out a Spanish couple with their hook up as they didn’t have a scoobie and then their car battery was flat but we couldn’t help them out there. 2 French girls have pitched up opposite us in a teeny tiny tent. One has gone to get the airbed inflated and when she gets back they fall about laughing as the bed is way way too big to fit inside the tent. Hmm, bit like chicken and the egg, which bit did they purchase first and was one given the job of buying the tent whilst the other bought the bed, guess we’ll never know.

Hang on a minute there’s the sound of low flying helicopters over our lake. Blimey there must be a forest fire close by as 2 choppers do a swoop and scoop manoeuvre collecting gallons of lake water, flying off and returning time and time again.


Well you just never know what the day will send your way to see and experience… much more interesting than working for a living!

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