Villeneuve de la Raho to Narbonne

GerTee’s all packed up, tanks emptied and fresh filled so we hit the A9 peage en route to our overnight stop at Narbonne. The motorway is stacked and every 3rd vehicle has a Dutch plate, so either they’re heading home or trying to escape the predicted 48o C heat forecast for this weekend.

In Narbonne we are enticed into the Carrefour for some groceries and don’t we know we are back en France as our bill is significantly higher than either Spain or Portugal; maybe time to think about starting that diet!

Sheesh,our temperature sensor has hit 42 degrees in the shade at 1pm so we can’t bear to look again as it will only get hotter as the day progresses. The aire (43°10’50.12″N 3°1’22.11″E) is only down’t hill from Carrefour and once through the barrier we do a drive around to nab a good spot. Oh look, there are some ‘caravan using nomadic travellers’ here with caravans, cars, dogs and broods of kiddies. They look harmless enough so we pitch up and then have to de pitch, turning her all the way round as we’ve realised GerTee’s fridge is in direct sun.

02-08-2018 Narbonne 1
GerTee’s pitch with a view of the Caravan Using Nomadic Travellers in the background.

We have had a deep conversation about heading into Narbonne central but as neither of us fancy any medical intervention for heat exhaustion and we don’t know if our EHIC’s will be honoured we stay put and try and keep our cool.

The Chef’s special tonight was going to be chicken madras, however Madame has vetoed this and we are having ‘Salade Poulet’. But the heat has frazzled her brain and somehow we have squeezed mustard instead of mustard and honey dressing all over it!!! Well, in my defence I was trying to open the poor fridge for the least amount of time and both blooming bottles looked identical.

We’ve just seen the travellers removing the entry barrier to the aire to gain access so they’re here without paying the €9 and have free leccy and water thrown in so we doubt they will be moving on anytime soon.

The aire is filling up quickly tonight and himself has been out yacking to our Belgian neighbours for ages about their 2 week holiday and our 16 week tour.

Ay up, the ‘Old Bill’ have arrived and are having a conversation with the travellers. It’s beginning to get a little heated so they pull out their trump card in the guise of a little baby in a pram… ahhh. We think this may have bought them another free night as what heartless copper would evict a family at this time of night… (may know a couple!) They’ll probably have to shove off tomorrow as will we. We are off to Carcassonne for the next 2 days to tick it off Jack’s bucket list and as the temp has dropped to 34.3 we are going to try and get some sleep, hopefully without melting away.

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