Cor blimey! How can two consecutive days weather be so completely different? This morning we’ve awoken to beautiful sunshine in a clear blue sky and the poor tent people are out franticly drying out all their rain sodden kit.

Thousands of campers in our region have needed to be rescued following yesterday’s floods so we thank our lucky stars that we weren’t amongst them. I couldn’t bear the thought of my derrière blocking out the camera screen whilst being airlifted by a chopper!

Right, off we go to do some touristy stuff. Taking the navette (ferry) across the river to Avignon we glimpse the famous 12th century bridge, originally built to join the banks of the Rhone. However climate change in the middle ages affected the characteristics of the river which meant the bridge was constantly being damaged. Repaired and rebuilt numerous times over the centuries the Frenchies got bored in the 17th century and never bothered again, so now it’s half a bridge.

Avignon is also known as the ‘City of Popes’ because in the 14th century it was the seat of the Christian world and 9 popes succeeded one another here. The Papal Palace is a UNESCO world heritage site but as the entry queues are massive and not moving quickly we quickly decide to give it a miss and poodle off to explore the little side streets instead.

Hmm, they seem to enjoy artifying the boring buildings here and we came across this one just off the main boulevard.

Our stomachs are telling us it’s grub time and as chef has requested the night off, damn cheek, we settle down to some yummy Vietnamese/French cuisine down a little alleyway and stuff our faces.

We’ve yet again had to discourage the camp cat from becoming a stowaway. Why oh why do these kitty cats all want to come and live with us back in Angleterre?

10-08-2018 Avignon 2

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