Moulins to Briare via Marzy

Another Monday morning has dawned and we still have to pinch ourselves as a reminder that we’re not having to shoot off along the M27, both going in separate directions to work, brilliant. Our only choice today being where to travel too next.

Poor GerTee’s route has been altered so many times over the past 7 days it’s enough to make your head spin. Not too sure why we have been consumed by such indecisiveness, but maybe it’s due to the fact we only have 17 days of our trip remaining.

Anyhoo, we are back on the tried and trusted map and dart method of travelling and apparently today we are off to Marzy. Pootling up through the Loire valley we find ourselves in a mostly agricultural area and Marzy is most definitely a 1 horse village. After a cuppa and a walk round which takes us all of 5 minutes, we’ve grabbed a baguette and decided the dart has let us down a tad so now we will be going to Briare.

Briare at least appears to have a pulse and the added bonus of a free aire (47°37’55.52″N 2°44’23.37″E) which is virtually full. However we again manage to squish in amongst the big boys so we’re happy bunnies.

20-08-2018 Briare 8

We are spitting distance from the ‘Canal Lateral’ which has the largest canal bridge in Europe as it traverses the Loire below it. Built in 1890, it is quite a tour de force of engineering with it’s sleek straight lines and oh look! there’s an emporium selling hot chocolate and artisan macaroons here as well.

Popping into the main town we come across the St. Etienne church as it stands in the main square surrounded by the typical French cafe/bar and Brasserie, very twee. This whole area is really well served with signed cycle paths but today we are more in the mood for a hand holding meander admiring the boats, locks and floral bridges.

Back at the aire, the comings and goings are frantic with lots of creative parking and much twirling of satellite dishes. Heaven only knows why, as I am sure that French TV has about as much rhubarb on it as the UK and in nearly 4 months we have not missed it at all.

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