This morning we’ve walked along to the Grottes du Foulon which are natural caves that run beneath Chateaudun. Tours run at 10am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm and we are just in time for the 11am one. Madame in the ticket office informs us that the only tour they run in English is at 2pm otherwise they are all in French. Fair enough, it is their country so we head back to camp with the plan to return again at 2pm.

Time to stick the kettle on for ‘un cafe’ but alas our hob lighter has died and as we stupidly did not bring along a spare one we’re a tad scuppered. Unfortunately reception here at the campsite don’t have one of those handy little shops that seems to sell everything you need and don’t need. So this means one of us… not me, will have to cycle the 4kms uphill to the supermarket for a replacement.

Himself then has to wrestle with our ‘demonator’ of a bike rack only to find his bike tyres are flat, grrr! No problem, out comes the super new bike pump purchased specifically for it’s ‘ease of use and robustness’ but he’s having a struggle to get it to work and the air is now beginning to turn a bit blue! Having given up with it completely (it’s going back to the shop when we get home) he’s resorted to using GerTee’s 12 volt, heavy duty tyre inflater which sorts the job in a jiffy.

So he’s off to Lidl whilst I have to tackle defrosting the fridge… oh joy. Text has been received to say he has sourced some matches, ideally I wanted a proper hob lighter but I suppose it is better than having to rub 2 sticks together to ignite a flame, will just have to mind our fingers and he is on his way back.

Today hasn’t exactly gone to plan and by the time the bike has been hoisted back onto the demonator and he’s had a shower it’s too late for us to make the 2pm cave tour. Oh well, they’ve missed out on acquiring some of our euros so there’s more in the coffers for us. It’s a good excuse just to do nothing so we grab the opportunity to sit outside under the awning and read our books, not a bad life really.

Sorry, no pikkies today as the air was too blue and herself doesn’t think you’d appreciate pictures of ‘ranty man’!

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