Nonancourt to Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne

Good day dear reader, here at the ‘Daily Drivel’ the chief correspondent will only be running a short piece today, hooray we hear you cry! We’ve waved goodbye to the police Shitzu, who was out on patrol with his handler again this morning and have given Charlie some farewell doggy biscuits and a stroke too. Then we head on to the N12 for a very short hop to Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne and have to descend a 14% road to the aire (48°31’6.92″N 0°31’47.66″E).

31-08-2018 Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne 1

It’s free to stay and has well defined large pitches with a bit of a view. However there is nothing of any real interest here but we did know this prior to setting out so that’s not a problem. Ooh there’s a fishing lake so may as well have a walk around it. Hmm, not that keen on angling myself but we have a peek at all the tech these anglers seem to have. Hang on a mo… an alarm on yer rod to let you know you have a nibble… whatever next!

Anyway we’ve tried to interest the local duckies in having our leftover bread but they’re keeping a very low profile. Wonder if they think himself will make a grab for them so we can have canard a l’orange for supper tonight! Right, activity over so it’s back to Camp Clang to sit out and relax.

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