Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne to Alençon

We cannot believe that September is now upon us, where on earth does all the time go? I’ll tell you where… moving about like a couple of gypsies every few days has done that and again we are in another town, Alençon in Normandie. Himself has splashed some of our last francs so we can stay at Camping Municipal de Guerame (48°25’33.59″N 0°4’20.49″E). The place is super quiet as most families have shifted off home to get the ‘little darlings’ ready to go back to school.

01-09-2018 Alençon 8

It’s a short walk into the town via the Parc Des Promenades, with another one of our English red phone boxes which is being used as a book swap; which is a novel idea, s’cuse the pun! The park also has a small animal farm with goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens and even a peacock.

Alençon has some interesting buildings including their Hotel de Ville and a glass roofed Halle where a street bric a brac market was being held. We restrained ourselves from buying anything as we’ve already got enough old rubbish back home at Schreiber towers.

The Saturday outdoor food market was also in full swing and as himself is starving yet again, he’s bought a ham and cheese galette to shut his stomach up whilst we have a nose about. Alençon,like Chartres is under a state of pavement repairs and is particularly bad around the Notre Dame Cathedral square area, still it should all look lovely once it’s completed.

01-09-2018 Alençon 6

We’re back in WW2 history land and there is a memorial to General L’Eclerc who commanded the liberation of Alençon back in 1944, which was the first city in France to be liberated.

01-09-2018 Alençon 7

Late evening sunshine puts us in a cheery mood and we have spent some time chatting with Lisa and Alan about their travels in their Hymer named Pip. They’re an interesting couple to chat with as they now live in France but also keep a property back in the UK along with an old Thames barge that they are slowly renovating.

Conversation turns to to card games and we have explained Canadian rummy to them which we both enjoy playing. They in turn have now introduced us to a new game called Rummikub, it’s really addictive and after a couple of games we now need to purchase a set when we get back home which sadly is going to be really soon.

The ‘Daily Drivel’ is taking some time off for bad behaviour and we intend to head coast bound for our last few days. Will post up a précis of what those days entail later this week. But thank you for being a kind and not too rude audience. A Bientot. xx

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