Alençon to Falaise

We have read on some of the motorhome forums of foul practices by folk who seem to think it’s acceptable to bury the contents of their toilet cassette on the beach etc. Fortunately we’ve not come across such animals until today. Without going into graphic detail… this is a family show, someone had dumped the whole contents of their cassette on top of the grill underneath the tap where we needed to fill GerTee’s water tank up from. Needless to say we didn’t bother and left with a horrible odour under our noses.

Exiting Alençon we spotted a novel way to use up leftover hay from the harvest in the shape of this tractor.

02-09-2018 Falaise 1

Hitting the peage and having been robbed of €20 for the damn privilege, we arrive in Falaise. Had a bit of a ‘deja vu’ moment as we are parked up in the exact same spot below Will the Conquerer’s battlements as we did 15 weeks ago. We can still feel the electricity of excitement when we arrived back then, which now somewhat lacks lustre as our final few days are approaching.

Anyway, enuff with the maudlin thoughts and away we go for a leg stretch around Falaise which we now feel we now know like the back of our hands. That done we are ready for a spot of admin and plan where to head to on the coast to feel the sand between our toes and for himself get some last use out of his mankini, saints preserve us… and all unfortunate onlookers!!!

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