The outside thermostat has again been turned down another degree or two but once we’re pedalling along on the bikes you soon get a warm glow about you. There are loads of cycle paths criss crossing the area and we’ve opted for a coastal route.

04-09-2018 Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer 1

There are more seagulls on the beach today than people as we head through Bernières-sur-Mer and on to Courseulles-sur-Mer. Both towns are situated on Juno beach which was liberated by Canadian and British troops and again there are many moving memorials to see.

At Courseulles-sur-Mer we walked along the wooden jetty to get a good view of the vast stretches of beaches which today are so tranquil it’s hard to imagine what they were like in June 1944.

Heading back into the town centre the weekly market is in full swing snaking around the streets and we’ve spotted a lovely12 seater dining table for sale. Hmm, don’t think it will fit in the house and we certainly can’t shift it back in poor old GerTee… never mind.

Walking along the quayside the fresh fish stalls are doing a cracking trade as the catches have literally just been hauled off their small boats. This reminds me that himself has promised me lunch out today. After cycling 15kms, we are cycling softies, we’re starving so pop into Le Crabe Vert for a tasty lunch with seaside view… most excellent.


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