Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer to Hermanville-sur-Mer

Today is our last full day of the tour so of course we head to Hyper U to purchase the take home essentials. Yep, we’ve bought up a fair stash of vin, oh and some cheese and baguettes..

Usually we overnight at the aire adjacent to the port at Ouistreham, but we have intel to say that there are now problems with migrants trying to grab a lift over to the UK. So instead we are parked up in Hermanville-sur-Mer in their free 6 bay aire (49°17’10.74″N 0°18’43.67″W) which is only 6kms from the port anyway.

Hermanville is very compact with a handful of shops, an impressive Marie and an old church.

Hermanville war cemetery is close by and we take time to visit and pay our respects. It is always so humbling standing in front of all those white headstones and we spend some time wandering amongst them reading the inscriptions.

06-09-2018 Hermanville-sur-Mer 6

This particular cemetery is the final resting place for 1,005 soldiers, sailors and airmen of the second World War; of which 986 are British, 13 Canadian, 3 Australian and 3 French.

The cemetery is kept pristine by the War Graves Commission and a visitors book is available to write up reflections of your visit. I spent some time reading through them and one comment brought a tear to my eye. A British daughter wrote last year that she brings her 95 year old father to visit each year so that he can pay his respects to his fallen friends. She then further wrote that she felt this would probably be his final visit, very sad.

So we have decided to wind this trips blog up here as after such a moving experience to carry on writing our drivel would almost seem disrespectful.

06-09-2018 Hermanville-sur-Mer 4
At the going down of the sun…


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